Weekly Torah Portion | פנים

Weekly Torah Portion

Weekly course in English, focusing on studying and understanding the weekly Torah portion, with observations about how it relates to today’s world. The instructors are members of the congregation. Mistabra at Kehilat Hod veHadar is an egalitarian, pluralistic learning center, where we study all types of issues related to Jewish-Israeli topics, from the perspective of the Masorti (Conservative) movement. Our beit midrash is committed to creating an inclusive atmosphere of continuing education for adults, both members of the congregation and the wider community.

תאריך פתיחה: 
Fridays at 09:00
קהל יעד: 
כל הגילאים
Various instructors
members-NIS 180; nonmembers-NIS360
מוכר לגמול: 
לא מוכר
כוללת לינה: 
לא כולל לינה

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