The Piyyut and Prayer website is a unique and innovative project, the objective of which is the preservation and renewal of ancient Jewish tradition, poetry, prayer and music.

The site, online since 2005, provides access to both popular and lesser known renditions for the general public, distributing them on a daily basis throughout Israel and the world in order to present a multi-cultural and varied picture. The wealth of culture and the stage given to all the traditions together comprise the soundtrack of Jewish culture, the music box of Jewish song. In this way, Morocco meets Lithuania, Sana'a converses with Izmir, the sounds of east and west mingle with tunes from Israel, and thousands of renditions of Jewish music gain relevance and life. Nearly 1000 piyyutim, thousands of different renditions and hundreds of articles make up the Jewish piyyut and prayer library, and are categorized according to the cycle of the year, life cycle and by the various traditions.


Hundreds of thousands of web surfers from Israel and around the Jewish world visit this vast database every year and are exposed to its rich cultural variety, finding their own tradition and childhood tune while meeting, sometimes for the first time in their lives, Jewish tradition from around the world. For already a decade the site has been a source of inspiration for those searching for the right words in piyyut and prayer, presenting rare renditions for those seeking a melody to express the right mood, and accompanying all sectors of the Jewish people with a meaningful and long-lasting soundtrack.

The project is not a separate association and operates under the auspices of 'Snunit – Center for the Advancement of Web-Based Learning'.

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