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BOD and Staff Members

ועד מנהל

Moti Zeira
Chairman of Panim, CEO of HaMidrasha at Oranim

Dr. Moti Zeira is CEO of HaMidrasha at Oranim and is one of Israel’s leading experts on Jewish and Israeli identity and emerging Jewish communities in Israel. He is instrumental in shaping an inclusive paradigm of Jewish identity and spearheads the growing Jewish renewal movement in Israel.

Dr. Zeira has authored 11 books and has contributed numerous articles, ranging from topics on the Haluzim (the early Israeli settlers) to works discussing secular Jewish and Israeli identity.


Rabbi Esteban Gottfried

Rabbi Esteban Gottfried is one of the founders of 'Beit Tefilah Israeli' and stands at the head of the community and the organization that it has inspired. Esteban received his rabbinic ordination in 2012 from Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem within the framework of the Israeli Rabbinic Program. Esteban is one of the founders of the Network of Jewish Renewal Communities and a member of the network's coordinating committee, incorporating more than 40 new Israeli prayer communities unaffiliated with religious movements. Esteban Gottfried lives in Tel Aviv with his wife Ruth and two children, Maya and Tovi.

Eran Yarkoni
Director, Shittim Institute

Eran is an educator, guide and social activist. In the late 1990's Eran was a partner in the
establishment and leadership of the graduates program of the HaMahanot Ha'Olim youth
movement and is a founding member of Kibbutz Na'aran. In addition, Eran is active in the
renewal and enhancement of Zionist Jewish culture from a pioneer approach that strives for
social justice and reform.
Eran is the father of Hagar and Gili and partner to Michal.

Anat Silverstone
Co-Executive Director, Ein Prat – The Midrasha at Alon

Anat, born in Jerusalem, earned her bachelor’s in Psychology from Hebrew University and masters in Gender Studies from Bar Ilan University. From 2006 to present Anat has worked in a number of positions at Ein Prat that ranged instructor and managerial responsibilities and currently is one of the organization’s Co-Executive Directors. She is a teacher and activist of gender studies and women's equality issues. Anat lives in Alon with her husband and child4

Shibi Froman

Shibi Froman is a classic renaissance figure, both a well-read scholar and involved simultaneously in a variety of projects, a man of both thought and action. Froman is a social entrepreneur, story teller, a former senior advisor to the Minister of Education, and real-estate developer. Froman recently established the new Neveh Dror neighborhood for secular people from religious backgrounds. Froman has a popular entertainment show together with the singer Alma Zohar. Shibi and his wife Michal live in Tekoa together with their five children.

Dr. Ruth Calderon

Dr. Ruth Calderon was the founder of the 'Elul' Beit Midrash which she directed together with Motti Brauer since 1989. 'Elul' was one of the first pluralistic Batei Midrash in the secular sector. In 1995 she established 'Alma – Home for Hebrew Culture', an educational institution that combines traditional Beit Midrash-style Jewish study together with academic study of general culture and artistic creativity. Since the establishment of Alma in Tel Aviv, additional branches have been opened in Haifa and New York.

Calderon, a former Member of Knesset, edited and presented the 'HaHeder' program on Channel 2; was a member of the advisory committee of the book series 'People of the Book' published by Yediot Sefarim; was a member of the Shenhar Committee that examined Jewish education in the State-secular sector; and was appointed in March 2012 as the director of the Culture and Education Division at the National Library. Calderon is the mother of three children.

Shlomit Ravitzsky Tur-Paz
Executive Director, Elul

Shlomit Ravitsky Tur-Paz was appointed the new Executive Director of Elul in April 2013. She has an extensive background in promoting Jewish pluralism and culture in Israel. Shlomit was born in Jerusalem where she founded and managed the Itim Center – Resources and Advocacy for Jewish life – and dealt largely with issues of religion and state. She appeared before the religious courts on issues of conversion, marriage, divorce and more. In addition, Shlomit founded and managed Sha’arim – a pluralistic Beit Midrash of Yeshivat Ma’aleh Gilboa, she worked with the Israeli Ministry of Education to train educators that focus on pluralistic Judaism and Israeli identity and culture, and she sat on the board of the religious feminist organization ‘Kolech’. Shlomit served as a commander in the IDF and successively studied law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she received both an L.L.M. and an L.L.B.. Shlomit lives on a kibbutz near Jerusalem with her husband and five children

Gilad Kariv
Executive Director, The Reform Movement

Rabbi and attorney Gilad Kariv is one of the leading voices of Jewish Renewal in Israeli society. Previously, he served as the Director of the Reform Center for Religion and Democracy (The Center for Jewish Pluralism). Within the framework of his activities he led many legal and social reforms, including the support of civil marriage, civil burials, gender equality and more. Kariv earned his rabbinical certification from Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem and earned his masters in Law from Tel Aviv University and Northwestern University of Chicago. Rabbi Kariv lives in Ramat Gan with his wife Noah and their three children

הצוות שלנו

Michal Berman

Michal joined Panim after a decade working at the Central School for Holocaust Education at Yad Vashem, and worked for five years for the Ginot Ha’Ir Community Center to advance Jewish Renewal.  She completed her bachelor’s with honors in Psychology and Jewish History and master’s in Jewish Pluralism from Hebrew University.  She is the graduate of a moderator's program at Seminar Hakibbutzim. She lives in Alon with her husband and three children.

Jotam Brum
Member Organizations and Government Relations

Yotam is a graduate of Ein Prat Seminary’s “Mavo” program. He studied education at an incubator program for educational initiatives at the Kibbutzim College Seminar and served as the Chairman of the college’s Student Union. Within the framework of his position, he partnered with the university to create a course for teacher certification that integrates religious and secular students. In addition, he helped establish a Hillel on campus. He acted as the Parliamentary Assistant to Knesset Member Avishai Braverman and led a variety of social campaigns, including establishing the forum “Kol HaDorot” – a coalition of organizations that strengthen the connection between youth and the elderly and Project Katif Israel. Yotam is married and lives in Jerusalem.

Odaya Goldshmidt
Content, Measurement and Evaluation Coordinator

Odeya is studying towards an MA at Tel Aviv University in the track for Hebraic Culture and splits her time between Tel  Aviv and Jerusalem. She is an alumni of several Beit Midrash programs including Midgal Oz, Havruta, and Elul). Odia has a bachelor's in Jewish Philosophy from Hebrew University. She is a facilitator for Gesher, Elul, Itim and the Tel Aviv University Beit Midrash.


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