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The festival of Pesach (Passover), also called the 'Festival of Freedom', commemorates the

Children of Israel's exodus from the slavery of Egypt to freedom and independence. The

holiday is also termed "the Spring Holiday", being celebrated for seven days from the 15 th of

Nisan, at the height of the spring season. Another of the holiday's names is 'The Festival of

Matzot' as, according to tradition, no hametz (leavened food made from the 5 types of

grain) except for matza may be eaten for its duration. The holiday begins with the Seder

night, an experiential evening during which we tell the story of the exodus from Egypt and

eat foods symbolizing slavery and freedom: matza – in remembrance of the unleavened

bread hastily made by those fleeing Egypt, four cups of wine - to commemorate the four

types of redemption from slavery to freedom and others.

For the Pesach study pages on the Midreshet website:

פסח בבית חינוך תדהר יוקנעם (תלי)

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